08 January 2010

07/365 - Glass Pebbles

07/365 c2 - Glass Pebbles

07 January 2010

In my efforts to maximize what my camera can offer, I decided to play with some glass pebbles mom bought last year. My first plan was to use coins, but the 25 centavo coins we have accumulated was in a sealed container, so I searched for other things I could play with. Getting this shot was indeed difficult as I was tossing the pebbles with my left hand and taking the pictures with my right hand. Not only that, I cannot coordinate my timing - when to let go of the pebbles and when to shoot, but I was happy I was able to freeze even just one pebble in the air with this picture.

*** Jenn ***


raissa said...

galing. wonder how i can do that w/ my cam?

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