18 January 2010

17/365 - Medium Needed

17/365 c2 - Medium Needed

17 January 2010

I acknowledge the fact that our PC is sick, and its "cancer" is slowly eating up the system. While I can live with it, I felt so stressed and annoyed on Day 17, as I cannot transfer the pictures I took from Day 16 onto our PC. I cannot understand why the PC cannot read the files - the thumbnails all have "X" in it, and should I transfer using a different way, it would either say "Files cannot be copied," or worse, "Please insert disk on Drive .." Ugh. I was stressed and annoyed, yes, but I was more scared as I don't want to lose any of those precious pictures.

A silver lining came near the end of Day 17, when brother came home from his trip (he went to his girlfriend's hometown in Cagayan de Oro), I asked if I could borrow his card reader, and thankfully, I was able to transfer files successfuly. I can breathe now. :)

*** Jenn ***


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