19 January 2010

18/365 - Christmas Presents

18/365 c2 - Cosmetics

18 January 2010

Yes, I know it's nearly a month ago since Christmas came, but it was just on Day 18 that I was able to take a picture the presents, because it was just yesterday when brother handed 'te Emmy's gift. She didn't send it anymore last Christmas because she knew brother would be traveling to Cagayan de Oro this month. She gave two tubes of lip gloss for sister and I, but we still haven't decided which lip gloss would we pick, so brother suggest we should just share it.

The cheek blusher was from mom... well, she gave me 100 worth of GC at HBC beauty store, and I knew I would spend it on blusher because the one I am using before this was already a year old. I am not really into cosmetics, but I did love these, and I am thankful for the generosity.

*** Jenn ***


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