07 January 2010

06/365 - Cherry Lips

06/365 c2 - Cherry Lips

Late last year, I put up a shout out in my Facebook saying that I was thinking of what picture to take as I still don't have my picture for the day. My friend Erick suggested I take some self portraits and further suggested I take "nude" self portraits for the next cycle of the project. Of course, he was just messing around (trying to be funny), but his suggestion made sense. While I won't do nude self portraits, I decided that for this cycle, I will take one self portrait every week, and I chose Wednesday to do it. I figured it would be a good way to teach myself how to pose for pictures, and at the same time I won't be having a problem (at least once a week) to think what picture to take of.

We have this bottle of cherries in our fridge for over a year now, and since it was near its expiration, I made it a prop for the picture. Actually, I was playing with it since the other day - hoping to get more pictures of fruits and water, but my trusty point and shoot camera can't take pictures in warp speed to get the splash of water. Still eager to use the cherries, I then used it for this shoot.

I took the picture in front of a mirror, just so I could see the reflection of the camera screen. I set it to macro, and although the cherry wasn't as sharp as the lips/face, I chose this among the set. I admit I don't have good skin and that I do have facial hairs, but this picture was a testament that I am embracing my imperfection. Regardless of who and what I am, I love myself.

*** Jenn ***


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