04 January 2010

03/365 - Wash Before You Eat

03/365 c2 - Wash Before You Eat

03 January 2010

I was thinking of what to take picture of today - hahaha, just in my third day and I am already having a block - and I thought about the "Water and Light" thingie I did a week ago. Since we have quite a lot of fruits from New Year's Day (it's a tradition to have at least 13 round fruits as the new year unfolds), I thought of doing a similar thing with the fruits. I remembered a food photography workshop my scrappy friends attended where they took pictures of fruits in a colander under a running water, so I went to the bathroom and let the water from the shower run through the fruits. But because I was doing it alone, I wasn't able to do what I wanted to do. It was really tough holding the colander with my left hand and taking pictures using my right hand.

I was about to give up. I took back the colander of fruits back in the kitchen and put it in the sink. I saw the little shower faucet we had in the kitchen and thought I can still do what I wanted using it. Well, no more water flowing from the colander, but I think this one's good for starters. Will surely try again next time.

*** Jenn ***


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