26 January 2010

25/365 - An Invitation

25/365 c2 - An Invitation

25 January 2010

Our neighbor just handed us his wedding invitation, and we were very happy for him that this wedding will finally push through. Mom will be one of the principal sponsors, and the whole family was invited for the event on 06 February.

The wedding invitation was inside a tubular container made from anahaw leaves - the same leaves used in making banig. The invitation was very simple - printed on just a sheet of paper, but the container was really unique. If only they made the invation looking like a scroll, then it would be much dramatic. But of course, I do know it's not about the invitation and it's not about the wedding itself - it's about the life they will build together.

Amid all the trials, the would be couple proved they're meant for each other, and we wish them all the best. Now, I need to think what to wear for the event...

*** Jenn ***


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