28 January 2010

27/365 - Minus the Eyeglasses

27/365 c2 - Minus the Eyeglasses

27 January 2010

I wasn't really prepared to make a self portrait on Day 27... I guess part of it was because I spent most times in front of the PC doing stuffs, and I also cooked dinner. It was already past 10PM when I realized that I have to take a self portrait. I had no image in mind to do - I am not really good in making poses and since my siblings were home, I cannot set up the tripod to experiment on poses. Somehow, I still am very conscious about doing things. Yeah, I really have to learn how to let loose and just do what I want.

Anyway, it's a known fact that I have been wearing eyeglasses for a long time now. In high school, whenever there's a photo op, I would always take out my eyeglasses because the flash and/or the glare would block my eyes and it would look as if I was blind. When my optometrist suggested I get lenses that would prevent that, I stopped taking off my eyeglasses for pictures, and just let it a part of my appearance.

My eyeglasses are my security blanket. I don't have pretty eyes - my eyelids are very fat, making my eyes small, and since I cannot put on mascara despite the long lashes, I didn't really care much about my face - as long as I smile on pictures, I think it's already okay.

My self portrait this week was a very simple one; no dramatic or symbolic whatever to emphasize, but me taking off the eyeglasses was a big leap for me. Should I take off my glasses whenever a picture is taken? That I don't know yet. I still hold on to my blanket. :)

*** Jenn ***


Laarni said...

I like your accessories and the overall shot. Have you tried wearing contact lens? I also wore glasses during my school days and I also removed them when taking photos. lol.

ShutterHappyJenn said...

Hi Laarni! I haven't tried contact lenses yet... Siguro this year, try ko. :D The accessories were given by mom's friend, binili daw sa may Divi. :)

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