21 January 2010

20/365 - Unmask Me


20 January 2010

Wednesday is Self Portrait day and although I struggled a bit on thinking what kind of picture to capture this week, seeing my sister's mask gave me an idea of using it as a prop. The mask by the way was a prop she used when she attended a high school friend's masquerade debut party.

This made me remember a lesson in college about "all of us wearing masks." It's quite a painful fact, but yes, I do put on a mask - primarily to protect myself. On the outside I do look okay and bubbly, but on the inside part of me is sad, hurt, and confused about certain things. While I stay honest about 99% of all things, when it comes to feelings, I sometimes don't tell exactly what's on my mind, for I am afraid to be misquoted. They say we choose how we feel, and even if I am aching about something, I just choose to be happy and hope that the happy disposition would somehow ward off the negative vibes surrounding me.

*** Jenn ***


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