17 January 2010

16/365 - Towards Destiny

16/365 c2 - Towards Destiny

16 January 2010

On Day 16, I met up with shutterbug friends for some "church architecture" photo walk. Halie invited me a few days before the meet up, and although I knew that I was already able to take pictures from the churches we would visit, I still came and met up with them to give myself a chance to take a look at it on a different angle.

We visited three churches - Manila Cathedral, Binondo Church, and San Agustin Church. This picture was taken from the choir loft of the San Agustin Church, while a bride walked down the aisle on her wedding day. Time and time again, I've been praying, wishing, and hoping that when my turn comes, I will also get married here. In a way, this picture sums up that wish.

This picture was taken using Halie's Nikon Coolpix P80 camera. It's a point and shoot camera, but it's already going towards DSLR as users can change its shutter speed and aperture. Halie wanted me to use it just so I would know how to operate a Nikon camera. My companions wanted me to use it in full manual mode, but I still can't get ahold of the relationship between shutter speed and aperture, so most of the time I used the camera on P mode. Maybe next time, Halie would lend it to me again so I could learn more. Big thanks to you, dear sister, for lending me your camera.

*** Jenn ***


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