12 January 2010

11/365 - File Transfer

11/365 c2 - File Transfer

11 January 2010

My dear friend Zen came over our house to check on our PC. For quite sometime now, whenever he would call to ask me how my day was, I would always talk about our PC restarting over and over. I know it started with a virus that was slowly eating out the system, but I was surprised when he found out that our hard drive only now has less than 2GB of space. Our PC cannot read the DVD-ROM, and Zen can't reformat the PC because we still haven't backed up the files and I didn't know where our software installers were...so, in his efforts to help me, he decided to take the files we needed to back up and transfer it on his laptop. He will just send the DVD copies of the files via DHL.

Thanks for the visit, the help, and the pillow, too!

*** Jenn ***


Willa said...

yay! 11 na pala, nasa #7 pa lang ako, grabeh....

ShutterHappyJenn said...

Okay lang yan sis!

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