29 January 2010

28/365 - Up on a Tree

28/365 c2 - Up on a Tree

28 January 2010

Whenever I would go to the garden to water the plants, the cats would oftentimes go there, too, just to see what's going on. Sometimes, they would think I was playing with them, and they would rub their bodies on my legs. On Day 28, Kitty Oreo was with me the whole time I was watering the plants, and to prevent him from getting wet, I placed him on our macopa tree.

Since cats have a difficult time figuring out how to get down once they're up, the cat stayed there while I was doing my chore. Seeing him looking so cute, I went to grab my camera, and he became my model for the day.

It was already late in the afternoon, so taking pictures was a bit difficult - given the low light situation. I was thankful that although most pictures were blurred, I was still able to take some decent shots of the cat.

*** Jenn ***


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