02 May 2010

121/365 - Fish Pen

121/365 c2 - Fish Pen

01 May 2010

Me watching over cousin Ailene's daughters (Grace is her eldest) as she went to the port to transport the charcoals, and me sleeping over her house got me a "ticket" to come with them as they visit cousin Ailene's boyfriend at the fishing place. Her boyfriend is a supervisor over the fishing place, and since it was a lax time (they just had a big harvest and it was basically time to start again), we were just by this fish pen with a hut to spend the day at. It gave me the time to read a good book, enjoy the view, and love the fact that I am somewhere in the middle of the sea.

Nearing sunset, cousin Ailene took her two younger daughters to the town proper, while her boyfriend followed after feeding the fishes, leaving Grace and I at the hut. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we just took the "alone" time to take pictures. I sure hope to take a much better sunset picture than this, but we were fetched by cousin Ailene's boyfriend saying it was time for us to go home.

*** Jenn ***


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