13 May 2010

132/365 - Ice Scramble

132/365 c2 - Ice Scramble

12 May 2010

It was sister's day off, so we decided to go out. Brother woke up early, too, so us sibling were having a day out together. Brother was looking for this photo booth that prints pictures at a cheap price. As we walk around, I saw this kiosk that sells ice scramble. When brother and I were kids, we always go with our paternal grandfather to the market during summertime and he would buy us a cup. It's one of my favorite street foods, and I so hope to taste it again.

Brother treated me this cup... at 10 pesos, it was a good way to rewind days of my childhood. This one's so delicious, it tasted just like the one from before but more hygienic, of course. And, I was thankful to the store staff because upon seeing my camera, they quickly took their strawberry syrup and added more. Nice nice nice!

*** Jenn ***


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