24 May 2010

143/365 - OreoLandi

143/365 c2 - OreoLandi

23 May 2010

I am a person who's in front of the PC for most hours of my day. Whether I write articles for work and for personal things, the PC has been my best friend since I started enjoying the wonders of the Internet.

Aside from different components that make up my totality as a person, I am also a cat owner. In our house, we have seven cats (plus three new kittens), and among all the cats, Oreo is the one who loves me much. He doesn't come to me when I call him and at times he would run off when he notices me coming, but on several occasions, he would just let me play with him. When I carry him, he won't complain and would just be still.

But what made me say he loves me the most was because whenever he would come near my feet, he would rub his head on my toes and try to be as close to it as possible. Cooking sometimes create minor accidents because he would sleep near my feet and when I go get something, I would accidentally step on him. He would be surprised, but would go back to his position as soon as he realizes it wasn't my intention to hurt him.

On Day 143, I was just playing Cafe World on Facebook and he just came near me, rubbed his whole body in my leg, rubbed his head on my toes and sat still. I would (at times) move my foot because it was getting warm, but he would never leave. He stayed until I got up. So sweet of a cat.

...which is why I love him, too.

*** Jenn ***


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