21 May 2010

140/365 - Pan Seared Tuna

140/365 c2 - Pan Seared Tuna

20 May 2010

I normally don't eat fancy during lunchtime. Because my brother wakes up around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, cooking for myself wasn't something I look forward in doing. I had this feeling that even if you have great tasting food, if you're alone to eat it, eating still wouldn't be so great. Most of the time (during lunch) I would just reheat left overs or will open a canned food, or cook a very simple dish.

There was a blessing in disguise on Day 140 when there was a power interruption come lunch time. I already prepared myself some longganisa (pork sausage) for lunch, but since our house is like an oven without the electric fan going, brother woke up a little earlier and seeing I cooked longganisa, he took out the tuna belly cuts in the chiller and pan seared it. It was a very simple dish to create - season the fish and place it in the pan and just wait for it to cook. Brother also prepared some tomato salsa to go with the fish, and even if I have eaten the longganisa, I (of course) gave my brother's food a taste, and I liked it. And, us eating outside (on the terrace) made this lunch a little nicer.

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