31 May 2010

150/365 - When Kitties Relax

150/365 c2 - My Kitties

30 May 2010

I woke up late - around 9AM - and because I overslept, my day was a bit slow for me. Add to that the body aches I got from yesterday's outing, and I was pretty lazy yesterday and has no mojo to do whatever. I even just had hotdogs for lunch because I didn't want to stay that long in the kitchen.

Anyway, I was hoping to join another blog meme for Mondays (which means I have to take the pictures on Sunday), and I did... only that I overlooked one key factor and as I browse the images, none of it satisfied me. I did take the pictures, but I guess not having the mojo have dragged my brains out.

This picture was one of those pictures that just happened. The mother cat (the one lying) just took some time off from watching the new born kitties when one of her older offsprings went near her. I so happen to be holding the camera, so I gave this one a shot. Because I didn't intend for this one to be my photo for the day, I didn't give it much thought - after all, the cats sometimes flee away upon seeing the red light from my camera - but because the supposed to be picture for today didn't pass my standard, I have to settle for this.

May Mr. Mojo come back now. :)

*** Jenn ***


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