08 May 2010

127/365 - A Mother in Need

127/365 c2 - A Mother in Need

07 May 2010

Morning of Day 127, my mom asked me to go to the bank and deposit some money in my brother's account. The bank errand was easy-breezy, and since I was already outside and that I was getting a little lazy to cook my lunch, I went to the streets of Lagro to look for food places where I can buy cooked meals. There was this little food stand that sells different kinds of viands, but the stall was closed, maybe it was still a bit early. Thinking where else to check, I saw this beggar.

I pity this mother because I knew she would want a good life (I think all of us want that) not just for herself, but for her kid as well, but because of life's circumstances she ended up in the streets, begging for money just to live. Life isn't always fair, yes... but I just hope life will be well for them.

*** Jenn ***


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