01 May 2010

120/365 - Alaminos Church

120/365 c2 - Alaminos Church

30 April 2010

I told Grace the day before, whatever happens, I will travel to Alaminos City on Day 120 so I could visit the church. Good thing I don't have to travel alone as my cousin Dang also needed to go to the main land to buy some goods for her little Sari-Sari Store. Even if she didn't have any definite plans to go to Alaminos, her knowing I'd go there made her come with me. I guess being the eldest of us cousins and that she took care of my own little sister while she was still a baby (thus taking care of me, too, being only 8 years older than my sister), made her seem think I was still this young girl she has to protect and take care of. I do love the gesture, and I appreciated all she has done for me in this vacation.

We were supposed to walk to a mall when she felt she needed to pee. I told her I am not really feeling any need to use the rest room, so we decided to just meet at the church - so I could do my thing without really using so much of the time. It was just a short visit, I just said my prayers and quickly took pictures, and I finished just in time my cousin came in. We traveled back home shorty thereafter, and even if I still haven't seen the magnificent 100 Islands located in this city, having a picture of the church was okay enough for me to be happy.

*** Jenn ***


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