11 May 2010

130/365 - The Incredible Ink

130/365 c2 - Incredible Ink

10 May 2010

Day 130 was the time when the whole Philippines added a new entry to its rich history: the first ever nationwide automatic elections. I voted early, and even if there were problems, I got lucky to have been part of the cluster with PCOS machine ready for the elections.

The casting of votes was really easy, it was the situation prior to the elections that was causing too much hoopla. But, elections is something all of us have to do for our nation. The one I voted to be the president doesn't stand a chance to win, but I still voted for him. But as a good citizen of my dear country, whoever wins I will support. The progress of the country doesn't solely lie on the leader, it's a collaborative effort, and whoever will be the next president, I will give my best to be a good citizen.

*** Jenn ***

ps - the ink on my index finger is the indelible ink, yes, but I called it "the incredible ink" because I only get to have it every time there's an election.


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