12 May 2010

131/365 - This is a Chicken Dish

131/365 c2 - This is a Chicken Dish

11 May 2010

When I read Fran Haw's blog about the Yummy Magazine contest, I got myself a copy and hoped to cook one of the recipes for Day 131's dinner, but I was so surprised that my mango was missing in the fridge and that I forgot to include the leeks when bro did the grocery shopping. When mom came home with ampalaya, I just asked brother to cook it for dinner and I would just cook the chicken dish next time.

I was already set to take pictures of my supposed to be chicken dish, but since dinner was ampalaya, I just put my cell phone's camera to solarize mode just to picture that feeling that "I was supposed to be eating chicken, but I was eating this." Don't get me wrong. I love eating ampalaya, and this one was cooked good.

*** Jenn ***


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