26 May 2010

145/365 - Chicken with Tausi

145/365 c2 - Chicken with Tausi

25 May 2010

While eating dinner a few days ago, brother expressed his interest in tasting dish with tausi (salted black beans). And on Day 145, he was able to satisfy his interest when he cooked this. The dish was a total experiment - he just fried some chunks of chicken breast (minus the skin, darn it) dusted with some cornstarch and a few seasonings and cooked off the sauce in a way I forgot to ask. For an experiment it turned out to be good. I guess we will be eating more of this in the future, but using fish, as mom said this would be better with fish fillets.

Been posting a whole lot of foods lately - reason for that was because I am always indoors, and I would only remember about my project 365 whenever dinner is served. :) Will try to take different subjects next time, I promise. :)

*** Jenn ***


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