30 May 2010

149/365 - It's the Climb

149/365 c2 - It's the Climb

29 May 2010

On Day 149, us family together with our neighbors went to Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo City, Rizal for our annual neighbors summer outing. It was a bit sad that it was mainly our family and the Raboys who went out, but still, all of us got to enjoy a day out. Now that classes are about to open and that summer is officially coming to its end, we feel blessed that we were able to come together.

For this trip, I didn't take much photos because I stayed in the pool most of the time. I had my share of trips for this summer, but this was the only time that I went in the water, so I really did soak up the sun.

Late in the afternoon, my brother and I went to walk around the resort and checked out the different pools. I took my camera with me so I can also take pictures, and somewhere in the resort, brother saw this wall and asked me if I could cheat the shot and make it look as if he was really climbing. This was my attempt.

When I showed it to mom, she asked me, "Do they have wall climbing activity place here? I thought they only had the zipline..." I guess I was able to cheat out the shot. :)

*** Jenn ***


Leora said...

Now that does look like fun... my kids would love the climbing, if it were real. And the swimming.

Jan said...

Probably safer to "cheat" like that.

hip chick said...

what a fun and active way to spend time with family and friends.

Sherrie said...

Looks real to me. I wouldn't have know if you hadn't told us. Have a great day!

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