15 May 2010

134/365 - Macaroni-less Soup

134/365 c2 - Macaroni-less Soup

14 May 2010

Since I was the one who cooked dinner the night before and that mom was out with friends on a movie night out, so I wasn't so interested in cooking dinner. Since there were some leftovers, I was already contented eating the leftovers when brother whipped up something - an experiment of sort.

It tasted like Chicken ala King (without the bread) and / or Macaroni Chicken Soup (without the macaroni). I do love my brother's enthusiasm in the kitchen, but most of the time his foods were tasteless, which sometimes turns me off. Well, back when we were in elementary, there's this food place near our school that serves tasteless foods because the owner said she nearly lost her son to some kidney infection, so that time she would cook, but allows the people to season their own food for their preference. Somehow my brother picked it up, and it's the way he's been cooking since. Well, it was a very "noble" gesture, but seriously, bland food and having to season it really sucks.

Still... I am a fan of my brother. I just hope somehow he would just learn how to season correctly. It doesn't really matter if it's lacking some taste, but tasteless will always be unacceptable.

*** Jenn ***


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