19 May 2010

138/365 - Tilapia Tropicale

138/365 c2 - Tilapia Tropicale

18 May 2010

Mom bought some tilapia the day before, so I took on the chance to try out another recipe from Yummy Magazine. Sadly, the tilapia mom bought were too small, and after filleting the four small fishes, I only had fish cuts enough for one serving. Brother didn't want me to switch off my kitchen, so he quickly went to the market and bought some pork because he said me filleting the newly bought tilapia would take up some time, so he asked me to do it using pork instead.

I still fried the tilapia cuts and segregated them from the pork cuts and went on to cook the sauce. I plated the tilapia cuts on a little platter and created another platter for the pork. Basically, the dish is a simple sweet and sour thing, but using tilapia, it was a new taste for me. I seriously preferred the tilapia over the pork, and maybe one time in the future, I would cook this again using tilapia as my meat.

*** Jenn ***


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