10 May 2010

129/365 - GrassFlyer

129/365 c2 - Hopper

09 May 2010

On Day 129, I met up with shutterbug friends for a get-together and to do a photowalk. After taking some pictures from the weekend market of the Lung Center of the Philippines, we walked to the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to take pictures of the animals and whatever catches our eyes. We were about to go to the lagoon when I saw this big grass hopper and thought I'd take a picture of it.

The grasshopper was an instant celebrity as the three of us took turns in taking pictures of it. At one point, the grasshopper seemed to have noticed the attention we were giving him that he just flew! Hmmm... we never saw the critter hopped, so we called him "grassflyer."

There were so many pictures taken that day, but I decided to make this one as my photo for the day because this was the only subject that got my friends and I do a photo frenzy.

*** Jenn ***


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