27 May 2010

146/365 - It's a Hairy Situation

Forever In Blue Jeans

146/365 c2 - It's a Hairy Situation

26 May 2010

First time to join "Shoot Me" meme... and I am so excited!

On Day 146, I scrambled to think how to picture myself. If doing Project 365 is difficult, I guess it was more difficult for people to do it all with self portraits! For a person who's not really into having her pictures taken, week after week, thinking of how to do a self portrait is indeed a mind blowing activity. :)

I was watching television in mom's room when I realized I still have to take a self portrait. This shot was one of those random thoughts I had... I was combing my hair when I thought of lying in the bed, brush off the hair to one side and take pictures. Using my cell phone, it took a while before I got the hang of it. I had small eyes and big eyelids, and with a big face, I didn't know how to position my head to make a good shot. I just took pictures after pictures and when my cell phone's battery gave off that "low batt" signal, I stopped. I told myself I might have taken something that would satisfy me. In the end I chose this picture.

I have always had the limpy thin hair. If there's something I could do to make my hair thick, I'd do it without asking a question.

*** Jenn ***


alexandra s.m. said...

Welcome to the challenge! It's nice to see you ;-)

chubskulit said...

Great shot Jen!

Would like to invite for my Nostalgia meme every Thursday. Hope you can join.

Carin said...

Glad you are joining in on the challenge! What a great self portrait, you did a great job!

~KATE~ said...

Welcome to the Shoot Me club, Ka-LP! ^^,
You'll enjoy it here too!
I'm looking forward to more pictures of you!

Here's my Thursday Shoot. \(^^)/

Marice said...

nice shot sissy! so creative :) im your newest follower! (mizhelle)

u may view mine too here

Tracy said...

Very creative. I'm new to the Just Shoot Me project, too and I always forget to do it until Thursday afternoon. It's a fun project, though.

shutter happy jenn said...

Thanks all for the comments!

@Chubskulit - I will join your meme next week... using my Personal Blog.

Erin said...

You did a fabulous job! That is such a cool photo...it is gorgeous.

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