09 May 2010

128/365 - Hanson Fans United

128/365 c2 - 13th Hanson Day

08 May 2010

When I started loving the band Hanson, it gave me the chance to meet other fans. I exchange phone calls, letters, e-mails, and merchandize with them, and do get-togethers with them once in a while. Because we are all grown ups now, meeting personally wasn't an easy thing to organize, but because it was a celebration of the 13th year of us being Hanson fans, we were all eager to meet up once again.

It's great to see a bond this strong.

(right to left - Anne, Yne, *me*, Bingkoi, Mia, Dhanah, Joe, Skye, and Jam. The last two people in the row weren't Hanson fans. Hehehe)

*** Jenn ***


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Very good.

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