17 May 2010

136/365 - Purple Lotus

136/365 c2 - Purple Lotus

16 May 2010

Last week, I received a call from our neighbor Ria asking me to invite her out if I happen to go back to the weekend market of the Lung Center of the Philippines. Because I wasn't able to buy anything from that week and that my brother expressed his willingness to visit the market, we set up Day 136 as a day of big bro little sis bonding moment. Sadly, Ria has some other places to go so she wasn't able to come with us.

I slept late, and I woke up late. It was already near 10AM when brother and I arrived, so we weren't able to enjoy it that much because it was just so sunny and hot. We checked aisle after aisle - my brother was all about walking, and when we reached the plants section, I asked brother if I could take some pictures. He just let me do my thing while he checked more things.

I saw this puple lotus flower and I knew I just had to take a picture of it. I normally see white and pink lotus, but definitely the first time I saw a purple one. The sun was shining on the flower, so I just had to adjust.

By lunch time bro and I were already home because we promised mom we will be taking home some cooked lunch so we can eat together. Next time I get back, I really need to turn the alarm on.

*** Jenn ***


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