03 May 2010

122/365 - Last of Bolinao

122/365 c2 - Goodbye, Bolinao

02 May 2010

Despite the food poisoning and the non-stop trip to the toilet the night before, I still decided to travel back home on Day 122, for reasons even I couldn't explain. My relatives wanted me to stay one more day, but my feet were too itchy to take that bus home. I guess I am missing my mom and my life back at home.

This was the last picture I took from Bolinao... we were at the Binabalian Loob Port waiting for the boat going to the main land, and seeing the kids at this boat just caught my attention. I did take pictures of them, but I also remembered to take pictures of the scenery. I'm definitely going to miss Bolinao.

*** Jenn ***


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