16 May 2010

135/365 - Near Midnight

135/365 c2 - Near Midnight

15 May 2010

Our neighbor and good family friend went to our house to sell things. In the course of our chit-chats, she mentioned that she will be going to the SMX Convention Center of SM Mall of Asia because the company where she got the goods was celebrating their 4th year anniversary. She invited me to come, and I quickly said yes - maybe because I was itching to go out on a Saturday.

The celebration was nice, very alive and very noisy. The party wasn't finished when we decided to leave because it was already nearing midnight and we still have a long road to take before we can get home.

We were seated at the back, so my pictures of the event were all crappy. Still not having a picture for the day, I just made a quick shot while walking to the parking lot. Not a good day for pictures for me today, huh?

*** Jenn ***


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