30 April 2010

119/365 - Collecting Sea Shells

119/365 c2 - Picking Sea Shells

29 April 2010

Another "supposed to be a rest day" for Day 119, but there was a power interruption, and having a chit-chat with Aunt Jo and Cousin Dang somehow made its way to us talking about Cousin Dang's boyfriend. Next thing I know my cousin was asking me, "Would you like us to visit him in his work place?" Questions like that you don't have to ask me, because I will seriously agree to it. Us three (cousin Dang, niece Grace, and I) immediately geared up for another walkathon (a term I use for long walks).

After a little rest following lunch at a hut by the sea side, we decided to walk back home. Since my cousin has gathered some sea shells, her boyfriend decided to guide us to a different route home. We walked along the sea side (never minding if we got wet) to the other side of the mountain where we saw a family busy collecting sea shells. These sea shells they will either eat for dinner or sell to have some money. Seeing this old woman gather sea shells by digging into the wet sand caught my eye and I just took pictures of her. She knows I was taking pictures of her, but she didn't mind. I guess my cousin telling them I'm a "travel writer" just gave me the license to shoot their pictures.

...or maybe they weren't just used to having their pictures taken that they just liked the idea of them being photographed. :)

*** Jenn ***


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