01 June 2010

151/365 - A Chicken Dish

151/365 c2 - A Chicken Dish

31 May 2010

I just couldn't resist taking pictures of food. :)

Anyway, for Day 151, I decided to eat chicken, but I didn't want to stress myself, so I decided to cook it the way I cooked my Pork Belly dish from way, way back. It was quite okay, but I gave the dish a new twist when I opened the can of pineapple tidbits and added it in the dish. Initially, I only thought of eating the pineapples as my dessert.

Few ingredients were added, and from a simple recipe, it turned out to be a very experimental dish, which I really liked. I am a pineapple person, so I am very proud to say that for an experimental dish, this one was really good. I still don't know how to name this dish, though.

Recipe will be posted on Friday, through my food blog, I Live to Eat!.

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