12 April 2010

101/365 - DG 4 Pres

101/365 - DG 4 Pres

11 April 2010

My brother went out and passed by a 7-11 store to have some drinks. He sent me a message telling that the gulp tumblers have images of the people running for the presidency. I asked him to get me a Dick Gordon tumbler, because I will be voting for him. Reasons why will be posted in my personal blog - An Autobiography in the Works.

He's voting for Gibo Teodoro, hence the two green tumblers. I just borrowed his tumblers and turn them upside down, because no way will I endorse Teodoro. Hehehe. I know Fruitas (a fruit shake store) also has the presidentiable tumblers, and I will get one for sure.

Dick Gordon for President!

*** Jenn ***


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