14 April 2010

103/365 - Picnic Grove

103/365 c2 - Picnic Grove

13 April 2010

The first time I set foot in Tagaytay City, I was in first year college and we just went there to shoot a short film for a project. Before traveling back to Manila, us classmates passed by the Picnic Grove, but because cameras aren't that abundant those days (circa 1996), I never had any picture from it. The second time I went there was on Day 103, thanks to a gift certificate I won.

The picnic grove was just a few meters away from the hotel, and because we arrived early, we decided to go there first before checking in at the hotel. It was a nice place to visit, but it was a bit of a sunny day, with fog covering a good view of the Taal Volcano, so in a way I could say that I didn't enjoy it 100%.

This picture was one of the last pictures I took from the Picnic Grove. I don't know who the couple is, I just saw them walking, and giving me a view of the Taal Volcano, I just took the liberty of taking their picture. Big thanks to my companion who lent me his DSLR Camera.

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