16 April 2010

105/365 - Ipis

105/365 c2 - Ipis

15 April 2010

I was in front of the PC when I heard some noise. I thought it was our CPU, until I investigated. I found out that the noise came from the altar, and fearing it might be a mouse, I turned on all the lights and braced myself for a surprise. It wasn't a mouse though, but a cockroach eating the dried floral foam where the flowers of the altar were placed. We had those flowers for a few months now, and because the chrysanthemums kept it shape and color despite being dried out already, we decided to keep it as is. The noise I was hearing was the cockroach eating the foam.

Because the cockroach didn't move even if I turned the vase around, I decided to get my camera to take its picture. Sadly, I only got to take two pictures - the flash from the camera might have shooed the cockroach away. Oh well, I am happy with this one. :)

Of course, I killed the cockroach afterwards by squirting some rubbing alcohol. Brutal as it may seem, I'd take it that way instead of being infested with more cockroaches should this one multiply.

*** Jenn ***


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