19 April 2010

108/365 - Firestarter

108/365 c2 - Firestarter

18 April 2010

For the second time this month, I was at the Enchanted Kingdom, located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I was invited to take part of the opening of their EK Biki Waterworld (details on my Personal Blog). Part of the privilege was to spend the whole day at the park, and my niece (a cousin's daughter) and I took as much rides as we can.

While finishing off our dinner, we heard that there will be a dance presentation by the Jungle Outpost, so we went there after dinner. It was a right timing, and I told my niece I will just take a few shots so we could still roam around the park some more, but then again the dancers have starting using fire in their routine, so we stayed and watched more. It was difficult to take pictures of the performers on low light, but I somehow took this. Not really a good shot - a bit blurry - but still nice, I guess.

My Day 108 was a very tiring one, but it was just great. I am thankful for this day.

*** Jenn ***


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