04 April 2010

93/365 - Shine on Me

93/365 c2 - Shine on Me

03 April 2010

Another round of jogging for 'te Ria and I, and for this day, our moms have asked us to walk out of the subdivision and go to the market. Mom asked me to buy salted duck eggs, her mom asked her to buy some mangoes and bread.

After jogging around the plaza three times, we decided to walk to the market. Even before we reached this little store, I have already seen the sun rays and thought it would be nice to take a picture of it. I saw the opportunity when I saw this sight. I just loved how the sun rays touch the man by the door of the store. And because he was a bit busy, he never really realized that I already took a picture of him. :D

*** Jenn ***


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