24 April 2010

113/365 - Mother Earth

113/365 c2 - Mother Earth

23 April 2010

I joined Kristi's Photo Hunt for the month of April and one of the items to hunt was "Mother Earth." There were so many ideas for this theme, but I decided to go a bit personal with this, so I decided to pull out a small plant in one of mom's pots (making sure I don't hurt the roots, of course) and placed it in my hand(s). Getting the shot was a bit tricky because I can only rely on myself to take the picture. What I did was, I sat on a chair fronting a desk, and using stacked books I set my camera to macro to get that blurred background effect and timed it to 10 seconds. The pictures were faith shots actually, because as soon as I hit the shutter, I could only hope that the plant in the foreground would be clear and me on the background will be blurred. Not that good of a shot, but still okay, I guess.

*** Jenn ***


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