07 April 2010

96/365 - Praying Mantis

96/365 - Praying Mantis

06 April 2010

So you already know now that I open my day with a round of walking and jogging with our neighbor Ria, and because I bring my camera with me everyday, I am a witness to nature's hidden treasures. For this day, I was able to spot a baby praying mantis in one of the flowering plants surrounding the plaza.

At first I tried to take pictures of it without the flash, but because it was still very early and there wasn't that much light from the sun yet, I wasn't satisfied with how the mantis looked liked, so for this shot, I turned on the flash, and it's so cute to have captured the mantis in this manner - it really looks like the mantis is in the middle of a prayer, with the flower as its altar.

I love being at the right place, at the right time.

*** Jenn ***


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