27 April 2010

116/365 - Bolinao Lighthouse

116/365 c2 - Bolinao Lighthouse

26 April 2010

My Aunt Jo already knew that my main purpose of vacationing in Bolinao was to check out the sceneries and take pictures. She told it to cousin Dang (her eldest daughter and the eldest of us cousins), and in their efforts to make this vacation truly memorable, we went to the mainland to check the beaches. We didn't like the view from the first beach we went to so we hailed a tricycle to Patar. It was a very long trip, but somewhere along the way, I was able to see the lighthouse.

Ever since I could remember, I have already expressed my desires of seeing this lighthouse. At times, my brother and I would express our rants and disappointments of not being able to see the lighthouse despite the fact that our mother hailed from this town. Upon seeing the lighthouse from the tricycle, I knew I just had to make a way to take a picture of it.

Before going home from Patar Beach, we asked the tricycle driver to stop for a while as I take a picture of it. It was a very short visit, but seeing the lighthouse face to face was all worth the few seconds.

*** Jenn ***


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