26 April 2010

115/365 - Pawis Men

115/365 c2 - Pawis Men

25 April 2010

My niece Grace was so excited for us traveling to Bolinao because we could still check out the events for the Town Fiesta. We reached Bolinao around 1PM after six hours on the road, and after eating lunch, we pretty much just stayed by the auditorium because it was too humid and hot.

When it was time to take the boat ride to Santiago Island where my maternal family lives, we found out that there were still some events, one of which was their version of the dragon boat race. The only difference was that instead of using the elongated boat, they used a much bigger boat that would fit twenty participants. There were 5 groups competing, and even if we wanted to watch it, we just can't because the boat going to the island left a few minutes before the race started.

I took this picture while waiting for the boat by the port... the blue team just passed by going to their spot in the starting line of the race. I titled this picture "Pawis Men," because pawis is how people there call the boats.

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