29 April 2010

118/365 - The Starfish Guardian

118/365 c2 - Starfish Guardian

28 April 2010

We made a visit to Aunt Gayang's son and his family in Siapar, located in the nearby town of Anda. Still taking my reason for having a vacation here, the family took "me" to this island somewhere in the middle of the sea, where waters surrounding the island were so low people can actually enjoy the time being in the middle of the sea! :) The adults gathered sea shells, and the kids - well that's Grace and this little girl in the picture, Filipa - just enjoyed the waters and played as if the whole sea was their playground.

After lunch, they were able to get some small starfishes somewhere in the sandy part of the water, and taking the starfishes they collected, they placed it in the rocky sea bed where water was much clearer. What Filipa did was dump the starfishes in front of her, rinse off the sand one starfish after another and transfer them to her right side. The starfishes were a bit too difficult to see because of the color of the stones, the water and the bright sunlight, but seeing her taking care of the starfishes was just cute.

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