15 April 2010

104/365 - At the Chapel

104/365 c2 - At the Chapel

14 April 2010

There are two spots in Tagaytay near to the hotel, and because we've already went to the Picnic Grove, we went to the People's Park in the Sky before we travel back home. At first my companion didn't want to go there anymore, but my persistence came through, and we were there already. I didn't get to enjoy the place as fog was so thick! Good thing I was able to take some pictures before the place got covered with fog.

Hiking up to the park was so tiring, but I managed to pull it altogether. Seeing some people posing by the chapel, I also did the same, as Wednesday is my self portrait day. The two days stay in Tagaytay has been good. Not what expected, but it was good.

*** Jenn ***


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