20 April 2010

109/365 - Homemade Snowcones

109/365 c2 - Homemade Snowcone

19 April 2010

Playing Tiki Resort in Facebook makes me crave for snowcones because people in game would ask the players for some snowcones once in a while. When I went to Enchanted Kingdom last Easter Sunday, there is a shop called "Sips Ahoy" that sells snowcones and it was just so delicious, so when I went back last Sunday, I made sure I have another serving of it.

Eating my snowcones made me think of a way to do it, and using the left juice from the pitcher, I put it in my cup, placed it in the freezer and allow it to freeze for a while and scooped out the semi-frozen juice and enjoyed the treat.

Now I found a way to beat the summer's heat!

*** Jenn ***


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