05 April 2010

94/365 - Space Shuttle Ride

94/365 c2 - Space Shuttle Ride

04 April 2010

In May of 2009, I first set foot in Enchanted Kingdom, the country's most popular theme park. At that time, the Space Shuttle Ride was closed due to an accident, but recently the ride is already open for the public.

On this day, I went back to the park and I was so in awe at how some people brave enough to do the ride... seeing how it goes, I am sure it would freak the heck out of me if I was there. I mean, I took on the Flying Fiesta ride and was nervous a bit, what more if I do this. I just told them I'd just take pictures instead of doing the ride. But of course, if I have close friends with me, I might just be brave enough to do the ride as well.

Big thanks to Enchanted Kingdom for the invitation.

*** Jenn ***


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