28 April 2010

117/365 - Sunset Boating

117/365 c2 - Sunset Boating

27 April 2010

After a very tiring trip to Patar and to some places in the town of Bolinao, Day 117 was supposed to be a "rest day" for me... until I asked my niece Grace if she would like to walk to Macallawan to take pictures of the sunset. She was happy with the idea, so around 4:30PM, we walked more than a kilometer to the old Macallawan Port. Things seemed to have changed since I last took a picture of the sunset from this place... I guess the earth really had shifted its axis after the earthquake in Chile.

Anyway, my camera's batteries died on me after I took some images, but I was lucky to have taken this image. Grace and I were trying to balance ourselves in the rocks by the shore because we didn't really want to get wet. Through the dried branches of tree obstructing our way, I saw this man on his little boat. Instincts told me he might be someone catching crabs, and loving the tree branches adding drama to the background, I took a picture.

The walk back home was a bit tiring, but it was a sweet day.

*** Jenn ***


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