25 April 2010

114/365 - Gathering Aratiles

114/365 c2 - Gathering Aratiles

24 April 2010

When I was still a young girl, I would gather aratiles (muntingia) from a tree in our neighbor's front yard. I don't know how to climb trees, but I did enjoy getting the little red fruits using a stick.

Day 114 was my Aunt Jo and niece Grace's stay in our house. Grace wanted to have her pictures printed so she could show it to her mom and sisters, so we went to the mall to have the pictures printed and to buy some things I could bring to Bolinao the next day. While walking out of the subdivision, we saw this big aratiles tree and seeing that there were kids up the tree gathering fruits, I quickly took my cell phone so I could capture the image.

Kids, Trees, Fun times. I guess that's what summer is all about.

*** Jenn ***


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