22 April 2010

111/365 - In His Shoulders

111/365 c2 - In His Shoulders

21 April 2010

I went to the market morning of Day 111 because our fridge was practically empty and that I don't know what to serve for lunch anymore. Going there, my sister and I took the tricycle, and going home, I decided to just walk, afterall, I wasn't able to jog with Ria that morning.

While walking home, I saw this man, carrying some goods in his shoulders. These goods he delivers to different small stores within the neighborhood, while some he sells as he walks around the neighborhood. Most of his goods were junkfoods - chips and candies, while some were different cooking ingredients like noodles and spices.

Even with the cell phone, I was still a little apprehensive in taking pictures of random people. We were in different parts of the road, but I acted as if I was texting so no one would notice I was taking a picture. This one's actually cropped, the original picture was in portrait orientation and that the man was very much at the top part of the image. When can I get a little confident about this kind of photography? Only time will tell.

*** Jenn ***


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