02 June 2010

152/365 - Licky

152/365 c2 - Licky

01 June 2010

Mommy Teddy gave birth a few weeks ago, but we didn't know where she gave birth. For a while we thought her new kitties died because we weren't able to hear kitty cries and that Mommy Teddy would often times stay inside the house.

A few days back, we were already able to hear the cries of the kitty, and we were thankful that the mother cat was able to give birth okay. She first transferred one of the kitties in brother's room, but brother didn't want any cats in his room, so he placed them outside. Mommy Teddy was able to find shelter in one of the wooden sofas in our terrace, which has a space for knick knacks under.

Mom had asked me never to bother the kittens because the mother cat might transfer the little ones again. I tried to, but I just couldn't... especially now that they have opened their eyes. :)

This was another one of those "faith shots." The place where they're at was so dark and even if my camera has the red light, it was still difficult to check if I got the right shot or not. I just aimed my camera and clicked the shutter hoping to get something interesting. Although Mommy Teddy was cut in a wrong way, I was still happy to be able to take this shot. A very nice picture of mom grooming her little one.

*** Jenn ***


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