06 June 2010

156/365 c2 - Water Dance

156/365 c2 - Water Dance

05 June 2010

Day 156 was a busy day for me. I met up with two of my friends for lunch, went to do a nude photo shoot with them (one of us was the model), and as our model left to meet up with her other friends, Halie and I decided to go to Eastwood City in Libis to eat dinner and check out the sights.

This picture was taken in Eastwood City. Last time I set foot there on a night time was back in 2003, and of course it wasn't as spectacular as it is now. After eating dinner, we went to the fountains, because Halie told me the water dances every 30 minutes until midnight on weekends.

I took many pictures for this day, but I decided to use this as my photo for the day mainly because somehow the water formed a heart, and being a hopeless romantic that I am, I loved it. Using a point and shoot camera, my camera's ISO was so high, and because my camera is having difficulty handling low lit situations, I am happy with how this picture came out. I remembered just clicking the shutter as fast as I can just not to miss out on the fountain's change of movements. With this picture, I am loving my p&s more and more.

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Jan said...

This is a wonderful shot of the fountain. This fountain seems very unusual.

gengen said...

Wow this is beautiful and cool...Happy SOOC Sunday.

Mine is here

Greyscale Territory said...

A stunning play of water and light! A beautiful photo!

Sheri said...

beautiful shot of the water and the heart (which I wouldn't have otherwise noticed)

Sherrie said...

Beautiful fountain! I have a point and shoot camera, it takes great outside pictures. Have a great day!

A View of My Life

Self Sagacity said...

Very nice capture. I love the blue rays.

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